Cali | 22 May 2017

Good morning. Well, as of this morning, I can successfully say that the work and objectives for my 2017 trip to Colombia have been successfully accomplished.

On this year’s trip, I was able to visit with all six men we support. I was up close and personally involved in their work, interacting with many or all of the churches they preach for, and got to spend time in their home. It was a great experience of hospitality, encouragement, and partnership. Relationships were definitely strengthened, and everyone of our guys passes along greetings to you, the Kettering family, for your prayers and financial support. For some of them, the majority of their monthly income comes from us. They’re all doing a great work, making many sacrifices, and some of them are taking great risks to preach where they do.

The other objective of my trip was to be here yesterday in Cali to support this local church as they ordain shepherds to serve over them. It was just an incredible day. 15-20 preachers came in from around the country to witness the events. It was standing room only in the meeting place. Both Carlos Julio and Orlando are humble men, whose efforts as spiritual leaders were already evident. If anything, yesterday’s actions confirm what they were already doing – being servant leaders. Thanks to Wes Grushon who posted the YouTube link to the service last night. Most of it is in Spanish, but there are parts in there where Jason & I spoke. (Jason addressed the congregation in Spanish for about 2 minutes. It was great. And, I admire his courage. I’m not quite that brave yet.) The link is here:

After services yesterday, we all came back over to Orlando’s home where we 40-50 of us ate together. We played games. We celebrated. It was just a wonderful time. Many great memories were made.

Today I fly back to Cali, where I will spend time with Daniel Vela’s family. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the big plane headed home. Becky is flying in from Tampa and we will be on the same flight with each other to Dayton. Looking forward to seeing you all at church tomorrow night

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