Cali Update 20 May 2017

Good morning from Cali!
It is a warm morning here. I have enjoyed getting to be in the home of Orlando Quintera. We arrived here Thursday evening after a 5 + hour drive down from Manizales. Both Jaime & I were not feeling well Thursday, and Natalia’s friend Laura was not well either. So, we got a late start on our journey. But, I’m pleased to say that we’re all feeling better now.

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day visiting with Royce & Hope Chandler who have arrived here with one of their grandsons and a family friend from Arkansas. It was good to get caught up with the Chandlers and share common experiences with Terrence, who lives in one of the suburbs west of Little Rock.

Preachers from around the country are beginning to descend on Cali for tomorrows church service. Oscar Arias, Mauricio Zapata, David & Henry Jerez, and others arrived yesterday. Today, Wilson Valbuena, Rafael Amaya, Andres Lopez, and others arrive. Also, Jason will be here around 7 tonight. Very excited to see him.

We met at 7 last night for a church service. The place was full of people. There are many new coverts since I was here last. The radio program they have is really reaching the lost. Yesterday, Royce joined Carlos Julio on the program. I was invited to speak last night, so I took the opportunity to speak on Galatians 5 and what it means to walk by the Spirit.

I just can’t describe the happiness everyone has that we are here. When we sat down for a late dinner Thursday evening, I told Orlando that I was very happy to be here. I told him that I have been looking forward to this for a long time, to which he responded, “I am happier than you are that you are here.” Over and over again they have all voiced their appreciation for us. Everyone and I mean everyone is going out of their way to make us feel comfortable and well fed.

And, it’s hard to describe the joy everyone has that this church is installing elders. Just about where ever we’ve been (Villavicencio, Lorica, Ibague, & Manizales) it has been announced and prayed about that the Cali church is establishing elders. So, tomorrow will be a big day.

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement. I’ve been able to speak with several of you. I appreciate you guys very much. After tomorrow, the trip is basically over. I fly from Cali to Bogota Monday afternoon and will be staying with the family of Daniel Vela. On Tuesday morning I hop on the big Delta jet that will bring me home in time for church on Tuesday night. Looking forward to being with you again.


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