Catching Up and A New Blog!!!

After a fifteen month hiatus in the blogging world, I’ve decided to begin writing again. Between 2010 and 2013, I posted something 5 days each week. This was on top of my weekly Bible classes and preaching responsibilities. My blog at allenbibleresources.com attracted quite a following. Some of the articles were published in the local Dayton newspaper, and the vast majority of them were part of a daily devotional I wrote Monday-Friday called Minute in the Word. In October 2013, the website had a serious crash. I decided to rebuild everything from scratch. As fall and winter came on, pressing family issues kept me from getting things back to the way they had been before.

2014 was quite a year. We spent the first two weeks of the year in Hill City, SD, coping with the loss of my dad. I turned 40 in February. In March, our daughter Emilea decided to attend Florida College and we spent spring break in Temple Terrace. May brought her high school graduation. In June, Becky and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary. July found me in Seattle for a weekend speaking event. The re-release of my book From Fear to Faith came out. Then August. Leaving Emilea at college was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Zack started high school. Between September and November, I traveled to Florida, South Dakota, Michigan, Arizona, California, and Arkansas. Thankfully, December found our family at home here in Ohio. Having all four of us together during the holiday break has been wonderful. As the year ended, DeWard Publishing released my book, The Devil’s Domain: Understanding Spiritual Darkness. Like I said, 2014 was quite a year.

So, here we are, entering the first workweek of 2015. I have a busy year ahead. Speaking events will take me back to Washington State, South Dakota, and Michigan. I’m also very excited to be headed to Colombia during June. This will be my third visit to South America. Right now, it looks like I’ll be spending time in Cali, Cartagena, Manizales, and Bogota. I feel very blessed to be with the church here in Kettering. God has been good to us and I am thankful for His providence in bringing us here. We look forward to remaining here for the longterm, if the Lord wills.

As you visit, you’ll notice a family of websites. Here’s a quick summary:

  • allenbibleresources.com. This is my online e-store where many of my books and workbooks are available for purchase. I have a few e-Books available, and some of my workbooks have teacher notes and powerpoint files for sale. This has been recently rebuilt from scratch, with an improved user interface and shopping cart. Check it out today!
  • preachingbymatthew.com. This is where I post all my sermon outlines. As of January 4, 2015, there are almost 100 different sermons posted.
  • teachingbymatthew.com. This is where I will begin posting all my class material.
  • impactretreats.com. This is where you can find information on the men’s retreats that I help with each year. In 2014, we offered retreats in South Dakota, Ohio, and Michigan. Dates for our 2015 retreats will be made available soon.
  • ketteringchurch.com. This is the website for the congregation where I preach in Kettering, Ohio.
  • minuteintheword.com. This is an archive that consists of many of my old daily devotionals.

And finally, there is this website: lifeforhisglory.com. This will be my personal blog. I’ll be posting one or two articles each week, mostly related to what’s on my mind. This could be extra-information I’ve found related to some project I’m working on, or a reaction to something going on in popular culture. My main goal is to encourage you in your spiritual purpose: living life for the glory of God. Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God, 1 Corinthians 10.31b.

Finally, thanks to those of you who have offered so much encouragement through the years. I’m very blessed. And, I hope, in some small way, to be an encouragement to you. I’m excited about heaven, and I’m confident in our great God who equips us for life as we anticipate the greatest day there will ever be: seeing Him as He is1 John 3.1-2.

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