The Liberating Truth God Has Created for You

I recently came across a transcript of a sermon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached during September 1956 in Birmingham, AL. King was 27. The Stanford University archive where I found his material says the Birmingham bus boycott had been going on for about 10 months. Pressure was beginning to mount. Critics charged that King […]

It’s Not About the Numbers

On Facebook I recently mentioned some things about church growth where I preach.  It’s such a blessing to walk in every week and greet our guests that come by, spend time visiting and getting to know new people, and teach/encourage our members.  Our growth isn’t coming because we’re focusing on numbers.  It’s coming because people […]

How the Early Church Endured Adversity

There are multiple forces working to suppress and even harass believers who exercise their faith in the public arena. Going forward, we will have to exercise wisdom and discernment in order to interact effectively inside the growing new reality.  We are not the first generation to experience hostility. How did the early Christians handle adversity? […]