It’s Not About the Numbers

On Facebook I recently mentioned some things about church growth where I preach. 

It’s such a blessing to walk in every week and greet our guests that come by, spend time visiting and getting to know new people, and teach/encourage our members. 

Our growth isn’t coming because we’re focusing on numbers. 

It’s coming because people sense the atmosphere of warmth, expressed by love, care, and concern inside and OUTSIDE the building. Not just on Sunday … but throughout the week. 

It’s coming because of our emphasis on strong preaching/teaching with purpose, planning, and relevance behind it. Our shepherds, deacons, and preachers are all committed to spiritual growth and development and you can see it all over the place.

It’s coming because of our member’s commitment to service. Whether it be plowing an elderly member’s driveway, sitting with someone in the hospital, or putting things aside to listen when someone needs a bended ear, it happens every single day at Kettering Church.

It’s coming because of our willingness to meet people where they are … and help them address the real issues they face through encouragement and application of biblical principles in a spirit of grace and hope.

When you do these things, you don’t have to focus on numbers. The numbers will take care of themselves.

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