Lorica 10 May 2017

Lorica Update
Good morning from Colombia! Today begins day 10 on the ground here. Since we’ve been in this hotel, both Jaime & I have had to change hotel rooms due to various issues. My new room has an AC that worked all night. I got a good amount of rest overnight & feel very good today.

Each day has been packed with activities, including yesterday. After breakfast, Carlos, Jaime, and I participated in a Bible study with the neighbor of one of the congregation’s members. Accompanying us was Ruben, who is basically Carlos’ full time assistant in preaching/teaching. We spent an hour or so there, sitting inside the living room. It was pouring outside! At times we could hardly hear each other talk over the rain.

In the afternoon we traveled to Palmitto. This is a small village about 30 miles east of here. Getting there is difficult and takes about an hour and a half. With all the rain we had in the morning, the roads were especially muddy – and the taxi we rode in had bald tires … so as always – it was an adventure – literally sliding around in the mud as we creeped up some of the roads. Once we arrived, there were about 15 persons present. Some came from the neighboring Puebla Nueva church. Others were invited guests that aren’t Christians. I presented a lesson on God’s scheme of redemption and His intentions in saving us.

I visited this place on my 2013 trip. The older sister who owns this property was converted 5-6 years ago. 20 years ago, the paramilitaries tried to take her farm. When she refused, they shot and killed her son right in front of her. She still refused to surrender. Thankfully the violence and lawlessness of those days are behind. Since I’ve been here, other family members of hers have become Christians. Carlos travels here weekly to study and preach. When our study finished, the sister disappeared into her “kitchen” and began to cook a meal. Fresh chicken. Potatoes. Rice. And, some kind of freshly squeezed juice. It was great, except that it was getting dark (6 pm), and we had a 90 minute drive back to Lorica for a service that was to begin at 7. Once we got back, Jaime preached a sermon and we called it a night.

On tap for today is a morning meeting with a couple struggling with consequences and fallout of adultery. We’ll be meeting here at the hotel. Everyone here is excited today to prepare lunch for me. I’ll be eating an iguana. (Oh boy.) I hear it tastes like chicken. Let’s just say that my clothes are starting to fit better. : )

After lunch, we’re supposed to head out to Guabanana. This is another remote area that is difficult to get to. As far as I can tell, we had no rain overnight, so it looks like the visit there will be a “go.” Then it’s back to Lorica tonight for another service.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. I really appreciate it.

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