Lorica 11 May ’17

Good Thursday morning to you. I hope all of you are well. I have so enjoyed hearing from several of you through email and phone. Thanks for reaching out.

Wednesday was a busy day. Jaime & I started the day meeting with a married couple that is struggling with the sin of adultery. They traveled 4 hours to meet with us. The first part of the meeting was tense, but things changed as the one who committed adultery broke down in tears in sorrow and remorse. Both want to save the marriage and have committed to making things work. After 90 or so minutes, both embraced and made the commitment to move forward together. That was a beautiful thing to see! We certainly pray that they’ll continue to stay together & rebuild their family.

In the afternoon we traveled to a community called GuanĂ¡bano. It’s probably 30 miles from here. Travel there is difficult, even on the best day. From Lorica, you go several miles along the side of a river, then cross a ferry, travel across a wide lowland, then finally into the hills. As we sat on the side of the river, waiting on the ferry, you couldn’t help but notice two Jehovah’s witnesses sitting in the shade with a tract rack sitting out almost in the muddy road. (You have to admire their dedication.) After we crossed the river, the roads are ungraded and filled with washouts. Carlos found someone who owns a jeep to get us there. This jeep was easily 50 years old. After about 30 min of driving, we’d have to stop and add water to the radiator. I think we stopped 4 times last night. It took us around 2 hours to get to our destination. (Carlos travels this twice each week on his motorcycle.) There aren’t many Americans who visit that area. It’s very isolated, for one, and the entire area is under control by the paramilitaries. Many homes were painted with political slogans and endorsements for leaders and candidates.

The little church got it’s start around 6 years ago with 5-6 people. Yesterday we had around 20 present. The church meets at the home of one of the members, under a grass-roof covering. We sang hymns out of the Psalms and then Jaime presented a lesson. After visiting together for a little while, we took some people home from the service & then began the 2 hour bumpy ride back to the hotel.
I thought we were having a service in Lorica last night, but that changed and we’re having one tonight.

We’ll be leaving the hotel in about an hour or so to head to another village 30-40 minutes from here. We’ll be having a Bible study together with some contacts, then we’ll have lunch together. We have a few hours of free time this afternoon before a service tonight.

Thanks everyone! Appreciate you all.

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  1. Prayers for you & the Christians in Columbia. Seeing their living conditions, I know we are blessed but suffer from complacency… perhaps they are more able to see what is really the important things in life.

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