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Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen

More About Me

I am the owner of Spiritbuilding Publishers. We presently own almost 150 different titles of books, adult workbooks, ladies workbooks, and tracts. My wife and I bought the business in late 2019 and began our online store in January 2020.

I have a passion for helping and encouraging congregations in areas where churches of Christ are not largely concentrated. It has been a blessing to meet brethren in Alaska, Alberta, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and Maine – preaching for them as I have the opportunity.

I have a passion for teaching…I work hard to make each class relevant for our time, while bringing out the historical context as well. I would like to develop a program to help adult bible class teachers become more effective in communicating with their classes.

I also enjoy learning about social media and how the church can use it to reach out to the lost. I believe it can become a significant tool in reaching out to the lost as we move farther into the 21st century.

I grew up in southwest Arkansas. Malvern is a small town located about 45 minutes from Little Rock. I am greatly indebted to the Christians in the Tanner St. congregation who, during my early years, played a huge role in molding and shaping my spiritual life. I have family in Central and Western Arkansas and come back most years to visit. I still follow Razorback football and basketball. “Calling the Hogs” will always be special to me.

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